Unique and specific programmes designed by our coaches to upskill your business.

Prices from £2,500+.

Goal Setting Sprints

£2,500 per person

This 12-week course will help connect your employee’s business objectives to their personal goals to improve and strengthen the why behind the work they put into your business every day.

Personality Analysis and Action

£2,750 per person

A 10-week process to delve into the underlying motivations that drive your actions and decisions. In a workplace context, the system we use proves invaluable. It fosters self-awareness and empathy, enabling managers and team members to understand themselves and their colleagues more deeply. Heightened awareness enhances communication and collaboration, reducing conflicts and improving team dynamics.

Level Up Feedback

£2,500 per workshop

We built this powerful 2-hour workshop for Conflict Prevention and Employee Engagement. Learn how to defuse clashes and misunderstandings before they escalate, leading to smoother communication and more efficient procedures. By mastering the art of giving and receiving feedback, employees will become more engaged, leading to improved performance at all levels of the organisation.

Remote and In-person options are available

Goal Setting Sprints and Level Up Feedback workshops are in-person or remote. Our Personality Analysis And Action programme is fully remote.

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