MGC Benefit

Roll out My Goals Co as an employee benefit to proactively support your team with our onboarding, coaching and platform services.

Proactively support the personal development and mental health of your team

We work with your people 1:1 through our goal setting workshops, regular coaching and platform tools

We work hand in hand with your leaders to build a partnership that promotes a safe space and culture for people to open up, talk and to connect their personal and business goals.

In-person and remote to provide flexibility

Our initial workshop and sessions can be in-person so that you meet us in the flesh to ensure the fit is right. Once we are up and running with our partnership, people can tap into remote sessions for time and productivity efficiency.

Let’s have a conversation

Book a free 20-minute consultation with our Founder, Elliot MacNay, about your current set up, needs and goals. No hard sell.