My Goals App

The My Goals App provides online tools for goal-setting, journalling, gratitude and content for personal development and mental health.

£200 per person for the year.

Teach the invaluable skill of effective personal goal setting

Less than 3% of people know how to set practical goals for themselves.

Goal setting is essential for personal development. If you invest in teaching people this life skill, you will reap the rewards of better company culture and improved mental health for the workforce.

Content to Develop, Educate and Support

Actionable content around personal development and mental health is updated every week. Our onboarding process and online tools transform Gratitude and journaling into a superpower your people.

The Platform with a personal touch

All of our platform partners will receive the option of in-person or remote onboarding and introduction sessions for new users who want to access the app.

Let’s have a conversation

Book a free 20-minute consultation with our Founder, Elliot MacNay, about your current set up, needs and goals. No hard sell.