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We believe that goal setting is essential for mental wellbeing and personal development. It’s easy for people to lose their way and purpose in life. We work with businesses and mental health charities to empower people to fulfil their potential.

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Our services provide people with proactive tools and a confidential space where they can openly talk about their ambitions, problems, needs and wants in life without any judgement, agenda or interruption. It’s a none-advisory environment where people can work on themselves to get them from where they are, to where they want to be.


Get in touch. Let us know who you are and which business or charity you represent. From there, we will book a consultation meeting or call to see if we can design a partnership that works for you.

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product types

  • MGC Benefit

    Roll out My Goals Co as a benefit to your people for proactive support with our onboarding, coaching and platform services.

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  • Workshops

    Upskill and develop your top talent with our 10-12 week programmes designed to develop your leaders and future managers.

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  • My Goals App

    Our app provides our partners with easy-to-use online tools for goal setting, coaching, gratitude and journalling, and actionable personal development content.

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  • Better mental health

  • Personal development

  • More focus and direction

  • Improve performance

  • Boost team morale

What our clients say about us

  • “I’m usually one to set a goal without ever thinking about the steps to achieving it and hoping for the best. While having blind faith can be a good thing, the sessions with My Goals Co has highlighted that setting a strategy to achieve this is a big part of the killer recipe for success. I have now used his approaches in every goal I’ve set out and am already starting to see the benefits of this. I’ve also helped the team build their goals for the coming year. I do not doubt that this will lead to a great 2022 for everyone involved!”

    Coachee - Corecom Consulting, IT Recruitment Business
  • I have been taking coaching sessions with My Goals Co for almost a year now and can say, without doubt, that they have led me to a much more fulfilled life. The sessions help me determine my value-informed goals and set about realising them rapidly. I attribute this success to many aspects of the coaching, perhaps too many to count.

    Coachee - Off The Ropes, Mental Health Charity
  • “Everything in life, especially things you are not used to, can be very intimidating, so you never try. Ever since I started the coaching sessions, I’ve opened up a lot about my everyday difficulties and some of my bad habits. I can almost guarantee I have become a more confident and disciplined person and achieved great accomplishments in my life goals. I feel as if anyone could somehow benefit from these sessions. What a blessing My Goals Co has been to my journey.”

    Coachee - World Championship Amateur Boxer, Somalia
  • “Coaching with My Goals Co has been brilliant beyond all expectations. I’ve found it easy to open up and work through my thoughts to find clarity without feeling any pressure or judgement. Even during sessions that I’ve come to without knowing what I want to cover, I’ve had breakthroughs that have helped change my entire mindset.”

    Cochee, Veronica Dearsley - Owner and Director, Veronica Dearly

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