our mission


We believe that goal setting is essential for mental wellbeing and personal development. It’s easy for people to lose their way and purpose in life. We want to work with businesses and mental health charities to empower people to fulfil their potential.


Coaching provides people with a confidential space where they can openly talk about their ambitions, problems, needs and wants in life without any judgement, agenda or interruption. It’s a none-advisory environment where the coach asks questions to provoke thought from the person to get them from where they are, to where they want to be.


Get in touch. Let us know who you are and which business or charity you represent. From there, we will book a consultation meeting or call to see if we can design a partnership that works for you.

product types

  • My goals

    Our free of charge service for selected charities who want to introduce goal setting and coaching to the people who they work with so that they can take the next steps in their life.

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  • My goals pro

    For businesses who want to introduce their employees to goal setting and coaching. An in-person goal-setting workshop for the employees. Monthly in-person or remote sessions to improve the personal development and mental wellbeing of staff.

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  • My goals go

    For businesses who want to introduce their employees to goal setting and coaching. Adhoc remote sessions to improve personal development and mental wellbeing of the selected employees.

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  • Better mental health

  • Personal development

  • More focus and direction

  • Improve performance

  • Boost team morale

What our clients say about us

  • “Before I had been in contact with Elliot and My Goals Co, I was in a dark place. I thought I’d try anything to help me. This service is honestly the best decision I ever made. I look forward to our sessions every month, and I feel more confident to talk out and express my thoughts.”

    Rashun Kerr - Owner and Director, Kerreative
  • “My Goals Co helps me stay committed to my goals and helps me uncover and understand my strengths. I thoroughly enjoy the sessions. They have exceeded my expectations.”

    Patrick Odai - Services Support Officer, Newlon Housing Trust
  • “Coaching with My Goals Co has been brilliant beyond all expectations. I’ve found it easy to open up and work through my thoughts to find clarity without feeling any pressure or judgement. Even during sessions that I’ve come to without knowing what I want to cover, I’ve had breakthroughs that have helped change my entire mindset.”

    Veronica Dearsley - Owner and Director, Veronica Dearly

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